"You don't want to miss The Orion Experience at XL Nightclub. Conceived and directed by Travis Greisler, this high-energy immersive glam-rock show is the perfect way to start a night out on the town. It's like Here Lies Love or Fuerza Bruta, but with robots and space aliens instead of Filipina dictators or sexually ambiguous Argentineans."


"Having seen other immersive theatre events (Here Lies Love, Fuerza Bruta, The Donkey Show, and the like), I found it especially fascinating how effortlessly the production corrals the audience around when necessary. Usually this kind of presentation needs a staff full of ushers to move the audience and ensure they don’t get in the way of the show. The Orion Experience doesn’t do this - it keeps the audience fully involved at all times and the entire experience truly feels organic…In fact, I frequently found myself forgetting who was in the crowd versus who was in the show."


“The interactive aspect of the show begins before the first word of the script is spoken. Greisler encourages audience members to arrive early, as even before the play begins, spectators will be participants in tasks such as tying up the characters’ shoes or conducting a Ouija board ceremony.”



"Since its debut in 1973, the story of the “sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania” has been told and retold on countless stages. And because of this ubiquity, Travis Greisler faces the following challenge in the Dramat’s fall mainstage production: to personalize the experience, and engage a Yale audience. After all, the plot of “The Rocky Horror Show” is more or less an afterthought. Instead, this distinctly Yale production gains its unique energy from the stage seating, the audience participants (nicknamed “Meatcurtains” and “Pussywillow”) and the calls of “Harvard Girl” to describe an especially prudish Janet.

Even before the lights dimmed, I could tell there would be an emphasis on immersive experience as opposed to plain performance. The pulsating music and moving lights gave the theater a Toad’s-like feel as phantoms ran down the aisles, calling up audience members on stage to perform pre-show rituals. As the bridge between the viewers and the actors, these phantoms played an especially crucial role, drawing in the audience with their dramatic narration and spontaneous performances." 


"[The] production was technically astounding and unrelentingly energetic."


"Under Travis Greisler’s tight direction, the ensemble cast excels at character development and making their characters believable" 


"Director Travis Greisler did a phenomenal job using the space with his innovative staging. Using the high-tech set Christopher Heilman created added a spark of curiosity, utilizing the absurdness to his advantage. Aided by the orchestrations, Greisler instantly set up the odd show-like atmosphere, forcing the audience to feel wonderfully uncomfortable." 


"Efficiently directed by Travis Greisler, The Travels is quite a pleasant surprise, a political show with a conscience that forgoes didacticism in favor of dark humor. It will make you hurt from laughter, until you realize that behind its jokes lies the scary possibility of prescience."


In his direction and re-imagining of Stephen Sondheim's INTO THE WOODS -- Travis has placed the show in an elegantly executed attic set -- where the story unfolded through the vocabulary of children at play -- the complex scenic demands of the piece were presented with a sophisticated inventiveness and consistency that we a constant source of surprise and delight. Emotionally the show was also a revelation -- the clarity and power of the characters journey thorough the production resulted in a profoundly satisfying emotional conclusion.

- David H. Bell, Jeff Award-Winning Director and Professor at Northwestern University 



"My advice? Hire him now before he becomes overwhelmed with, as they say, scheduling conflicts. He is destined for great things and a valued member of any creative team."

- Andrew Lippa, Broadway composer